Restore your natural balance.

Are there times when you feel dehydrated and drinking water just is not enough? 

Is so thirst may not be the only problem you face. Every cell in the human body relies on water to function at their optimal levels. Chronic Dehydration can contribute to a wide variety of symptoms; including skin problems, skin dryness, headaches, dry mouth and lips, fatigue and nausea.

The good news is at Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine we can provide complete rehydration in 30 minutes*.


What's the secret?

In about half an hour this IV Infusion provides a full litre of complete hydration using the same balanced electrolyte fluid used in operating rooms to rapidly expand blood volume and perfusion. This immediate improvement in circulation increases delivery of oxygen, vitamins and minerals to the bodies organs and tissues.


Sodium Chloride
Calcium Chloride
Potassium Chloride



Headache / Nausea


Exposure to Dry or Cold Environments

Certain locations, such as long flights or office buildings can dry your skin and contribute to early ages signs. 

Vomiting & Diarrhoea

Restores the balance caused by illness or alcohol consumption.


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