Don't let Hair loss be a problem - Regenerate and repair damaged hair follicles.

Please note: all results vary from individual to individual.

At Illuminate, our Medical Director, Dr Adam and the Illuminate Team call upon over 25 years experience, and the best technology available to offer patients low cost, highly successful hair loss treatments. Depending on your circumstances and what is best for you, Dr Adam will utilise Follicular Unit Extraction also called (FUE which transplants hair without scars) and medical management to hep you whether you want to:

  • Find a cure for your baldness and Regrow the hair on your head
  • Undertake a Beard Transplant
  • Have an eyebrow Transplant

Understanding FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction - our number one treatment - utilises new thinking and procedures to improve hair regrowth rates. Unlike many other treatments, FUE works by extracting healthy hair units (meaning the hair follicle and the associated glands) from elsewhere on your body and transplanting them to the area being treated. Effectively, it is a hair by hair procedure.

Best of all, the procedure uses "Micropunches" which produce no scar and no downtime. In fact, this process is a day surgery procedure (performed in a fully accredited day surgery) and nearly all* patients report only minimal pain or recovery time.

Whilst this does take longer to perform, Dr Adam has seen time and time again that not only is the healing period greatly reduced but more importantly, the levels of success achieved are outstanding. 

And further, because your follicles and glands have been taken from an area unaffected by the hormone which causes male pattern baldness (or androgenetic or hereditary hair loss), these new hairs are unaffected and unlikely to be subject to the same patterns of loss*. And, should it be a consideration for you, we can offer "No-shave" hair transplants, meaning a faster return to daily activities.  

Over time, our treatment will thicken and strengthen your fine hair fibres without the need for repetitive daily tablets and chemical applications or as an alternative to surgical procedures*.


Prices for our FUE treatment start at $6000.

Dr Adam has successfully undertaken this procedure on Men and Women with success rates exceeding 95%. In fact, he has trained in Turkey, a country well renowned as pioneers and leaders in Hair Transplant and PRP for Hair Loss Treatment. 

If you are concerned about your hair loss, visiting Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine and seeing Dr Adam could be the first step to reversing the problem.

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