Facials and Skin Treatments

Book a facial treatment at Illuminate and you are in for a treat. At Illuminate we have a range of facial treatments which are designed to pamper men and women alike, whilst providing your skin with the treatments they need to look their best. Whether you are after something decadent, something restorative or even something more designed to improve your skin quality, within our range of treatments, we have something for you. 

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When you think of a facial, you think of a calming and restorative experience. Our medi-facials are all that and more as we utilise clinically proven treatments which make the treatment more than just time to yourself. Our range of treatments includes:

  • Activators and steam infusions
  • High potency vitamin C facial to brighten, tone and firm your skin and treat broken capillaries, dryness, dehydration, hyper- pigmentation (brown spots) , and loss of tone and elasticity
  • Photo active facials which combines our custom Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel, ultra-hydration mask and a Vitamin infusion. It is finished off with a micro-hydrabrasion treatment, the new generation system that simultaneously cleans, exfoliates and flushes the skin for deeper clean and super hydration
  • Collagen induction facials which are perfect for those who suffer from acne scars, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This relaxing treatment combines collagen induction therapy, stem cells and Dermal boosters to help you achieve a smooth, fine and luminous complexion.
  • Hyper Moisture facials involve a deep cleanse, professional level exfoliation with steam and a customised Dermal booster infusion mask, followed by ultra-hydration and sun protection. Perfect for skin in need of TLC

Advanced skin peels

Designed to improve skin hydration, reduce fines lines, wrinkles and pigmentation Illuminate facial peels will reduce the effect of sun damage and improve skin texture.

Our clients generally use our skin peels for one of two key reasons:

  1. To help minimise acne or congested oilly skin, and to reduce the risk of scarring from breakouts. 
  2. Remove freckles, brown blotches, scaly sunspots and superficial wrinkles.

Skin peels work by using a gentle chemical which removes the top layers of skin. The body works to replace this lost skin and in the process produces new fresh skin which is fresher and less blemished in its appearance.

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Hydra-Microdermabrasion or hydrabrasion is a new and advanced form of microdermabrasion available. Hydrabrasion is a dynamic process combining cleansing, exfoliating, washing and diamonds to give your skin the star treatment it deserves. 

The process is occurs in two main phases:

  1. Exfoliation and vacuuming with a Minivac system which utilises a highly adjustable tip which cleans the removes dead skin and the dirt and bacteria which causes pore blockages.
  2. The second step involves washing off the skin using the same Minivac system to cleanse out the pores with water and further remove any impurities

After you have had a hydradermabrasion treatment with Illuminate you should notice less wrinkles, smoother cleaner skin and more even skin tone. 


Disclaimer: The examples and results shown and discussed on this website are examples only. We advise that all results vary from individual to individual. The information provided on and through this website is designed to be informational only and in no way replaces medical advice. Do not use this website as a substitute for medical advice. Please always seek consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.