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If you are after slimmer, leaner calf muscles, calf slimming treatment is available, allowing you to achieve a sleek appearance. We utilise the two most commonly used treatment options – Muscle Relaxing Injections and Vaser Liposuction


What are Calf Slimming injections?

The bulky appearance of the calves in some people is caused by hypertrophy of the gastrocnemius muscles, which can result from prolonged wear of high heels or  itense sports, or sometimes, just genetics. Calf slimming injections block peripheral motor nerves to the gasctrocnemius, which has the effect of reducing the muscle bulk and giving a more streamlined contour to the leg. 


Illuminate provides the advice you need to help you make the decisions you want

Dr Adam is an expert in the field of body shaping procedures and can advise you on the best treatment plan for you to achieve your desired calf outcome.

He will advise you on the option that will best suit your needs depending on whether the bulky appearance of the calves is caused by fat deposits or excessive muscle or a combination of both.


Muscle Relaxing Injections

The procedure involves using standard dose injections, directly injected into the calf. Depending on the size of the calves only one or two treatments are generally needed. We reassess the patient after 8-12 weeks.

The result is a slimmer, more feminine looking lower leg, that lasts for 12-18 months.The treatment takes approximately ten minutes to perform, which is very simple and does not involve any anaesthesia. With only a few injections to the calf muscle(s), the circumference of the calves will start to reduce noticeably*.


Vaser Liposuction

In the case that the large calf is caused by excess fat deposits, then Vaser Liposuction could be a more suitable treatment option. It uses ultrasound energy to dissolve the fat deposits before they are suctioned away. This procedure is done under local anaesthetic and takes about 45 - 60 minutes.

The result is removal of the fat deposits and a more, shapely beautiful and feminine calf muscle*.

Effective & Safe 

Muscle relaxing injections and Vaser liposuction are an effective & safe way to reduce the size of the calves and improve the lower leg & ankle contour. The procedure doesn’t cause any pain and feel only like a quick needle prick.
The circumference of the calf muscle is decreased by as high as 10%* and the effect lasts about 12-18 months, and may differ between individuals. The treatments produce a more feminine appearance and gives confidence to wear that dress you love without any shame of bulky calves.

The look you want is waiting for you.

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