What to expect after a Brazilian Butt Lift - Q&A with Dr Adam

In the first part of this series, Dr Adam provided answers to some of the more common questions he gets from people considering having a Brazilian Butt Lift. In this, the concluding blog in the series, we ask Dr Adam to answer the most common questions he gets from people who have had the procedure. 

What short term side-effects can I expect from my Butt Lift?

It is important to point out to people that if performed by an experienced surgeon in an accredited day surgery or hospital, the Brazilian Butt Lift has both a high success rate and low complication rates. That said, like all surgery, it does have potential risks - both in terms of the procedure and to your health overall. 

Generally, once you have had your procedure, you will have few side effects. However, the ones which people report more often include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • Irregular contour
  • asymmetry
  • And where post-op instructions are not followed, there can be infection and damage or loss of implanted fat cells

At Illuminate we provide all patients with comprehensive post-operative care and instructions to help minimise discomfort, reduce the chance of side effects and to maxmise your results. 

Why does my butt look larger than expected after my procedure?

There are two simple answers for this. The first is that we allow for a degree of fat cell loss, thus we insert slightly more fat than you need, to ensure the final result is what you wanted after some of the cells die and are absorbed by the body. 

The other aspect is that during surgery, you are putting some small stresses on your body. Your body will respond by supplying the area with more blood flow. This increase in blood will cause you to experience swelling which will make the results of the procedure look larger than you may expect.

However, we assure you this is both normal and that it will pass.

When I will I see the optimal result from my BBL?

We tell all clients that optimal results will be seen anywhere between 3-6 months after surgery. At this point, we would expect that in excess of 70% of the transferred fat will have survived. 

After my BBL Surgery, how long before I can sit again?

The part many clients tell us is "the hardest" is that we recommend you do not sit on your backside for three weeks (3 weeks). This protects the cells we have injected.

After the three weeks, we recommend you buy a special pillow which you use under your thigh's when sitting to help protect your bottom for a further short period. 

What other restrictions are there after surgery?

  • You can return to work after 5 days
  •  You Can start swimming after 2 weeks
  •  We encourage normal walking as part of a daily routine as soon as you can tolerate it
  • There is to be no Gym attendance for 4 weeks
  • Once back at the gym, go easy on yourself to ensure optimal results. We recommend no intense gym workouts (weights or high impact cardio) for 6 weeks
  • To ensure your body recovers as quickly as possible, we recommend you wear a compression garment for a total of 6 weeks (full time for the first 3 weeks and then next 10-12 hours/day over the next 3 weeks )
  • Make sure you take all medications as prescribed
  • It may seem unnecessary, but we highly recommend that you attend regular lymphatic massages

If are noticing anything out of the ordinary, or have any other questions, we encourage you to get in touch using the details we have previously supplied you.