5 minutes with Dr Adam Najem

We know first hand that when people are considering a cosmetic procedure, there is a lot involved, not least of all, research into the procedure and the clinician who will do your procedure. 

For today's post - our first blog in fact - we sat down with our medical director Dr Adam Najem, to ask him some of the more common questions we know people want answers to and to gather his responses for you. 

At what age is it important to start cosmetic procedures?

There is no perfect age to start having cosmetic procedures. If a client has a specific concern, we can address it at almost any age. I would always recommend someone to seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon to have an assessment and to create a plan of how to achieve the look you are after. 

What type of skin responds best to Dermapen?

Dermapen can be used on all skin types, anywhere on the body. Anyone with sagging skin, fines lines and wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation would ideally be the best candidates. Unlike light based therapy, Dermapen needling is “colour blind” and is essentially safe for virtually all skin types.

I would like to stress the importance of being patient with your results and expectations as it would usually require repeated treatment to achieve the best results, that would be again determined after consultation.

What qualifications/experience does Dr Adam have?

Having worked in the medical industry for 15 years, I have developed broad medical, surgical and cosmetic expertise. Furthermore, I have worked in a variety of private hospitals and surgeries, as well as in teaching hospitals such as RPA.

I have 5 years’ cosmetic surgery experience and have developed a passion for total body sculpting through procedures such as Brazilian Butt Lifts and VASER liposuction. I have now performed more than 2000 liposuction procedures.

What are misconceptions about anti-wrinkle injections?

One of the biggest misconceptions about anti-wrinkle injections is that the client will end up looking like they have a “frozen” face. Truth told, an experienced practitioner can give you a wonderful natural look.

It is important to have a consultation prior to having your anti-wrinkle injections performed so that you can discuss the look you are after. When used correctly anti-wrinkle injections can provide a very natural look, as well as creating a more “frozen” look. What you choose is up to you.

How long is a typical procedure for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Depending on the area the liposuction is being performed on (as the fat from the liposuction is then used to enhance the client's butt) the procedure usually takes 3-4 hours. A consultation with me will allow me to understand and explain to you how the procedure may work for you. 


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