5 Minutes with Sam

At Illuminate, we take the business of looking after your skin and helping you achieve the body you want, very seriously. Our team is comprised of renowned experts and highly qualify practitioners who take the time to get to know what you are after so they can tailor your treatment for you. 

This week for our "5 minutes with" series, we sat down with Sam, our dermal therapist, to learn a little bit more about her and what she does, and why you should come see her for your next treatment. 

What is the biggest mistake you made with your own skin before you became a dermal specialist?

"My biggest mistake I made prior to becoming a skin Therapist was failing to wear sunscreen each day as part of my home regime! I know you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s worth repeating:

“The most important step not to miss on a daily basis is the use of an SPF, Zinc Oxide 80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun!! Not only can it protect you against sunburns and skin cancer, but new research found that people who use a daily sunscreen with SPF 15 Zinc Oxide or higher have significantly younger-looking skin."

How do you choose what products you use over other readily available ones?

I always look for the highest potency medical active skincare formulas. These are the ones that I truly feel deliver on their promises. I only use prescribed skincare endorsed by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. 

What is your favourite treatment to have on your own skin?

My favourite treatment at the moment would have to be Fraxel Laser restore!

For me, the most obvious reason Fraxel is so amazing is it renews the skin's surface, gives me a refreshed, youthful glow and a feeling of renewed confidence. I love it so much!

What is your number one tip for looking after skin?

Be consistent with your skin regime. I advise all my clients to be consistent with what they do:

  1. Daily use of antioxidants
  2. Use a physical sunblock EVERY DAY
  3. Use topical vitamin A at night (it is the only chemical that is capable of reprogramming your cells and helping to reverse the signs of aging!)  

Do you see a benefit in seeing both a cosmetic surgeon as well as a dermal therapist?

Absolutely, A big Yes!!

Seeing both a cosmetic surgeon and a Dermal therapist ensures the best possible outcome for each patient and ensuring they are receiving the best results!

At Illuminate we have a truly teamwork driven environment, so that we get the best results. For example, every injectable patient is seen by me so we ensure that their skin is looking healthy.

NOT only do they reap the Benefits of Botox and filler, but we look after their skin's natural vitality, so they are also maintaining beautiful skin and prolonging their fillers and Botox with all the stimulating and rejuvenating treatments they are receiving from me and my treatments!


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